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How do I upgrade an existing website with a modern ui?

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How can I effectively present my projects and other content?

Presenting my projects, blog and other works

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How can I find other developers with similar interests and skills?

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Where can developers interact without the threat of downvoting?

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How can I efficiently create multiple MERN applications?

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Creating a boilerplate for MERN stack applications that is simple but still reflects modern best practices

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My soulmate would love the Little Mermaid as much as I do?


Dating app that matches users based on their Movie/TV viewing preferences

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Picture of Danny Seymour

My name is Danny Seymour. I am a full stack developer, currently focusing on developing MERN stack and ASP.NET Core applications. I am detail oriented and value a methodical, organized approach to problem solving . In addition to continuously learning about development and new technologies I am also interested in Cybersecurity.

“Danny is a pleasure to work with. His work ethic is remarkable!
He is an incredible asset to this ITS team. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable and willing to ask questions to clarify and learn.”

“It is a pleasure to say that Danny is by far the most thorough employee that we have on our staff and he has made a steady effort to learn and improve during his time here.
Danny has proved to be a valuable asset to our team and I have nothing but positive things to say.”
“Danny is an excellent employee with great work ethic and dependability.
He always ensures to keep the team updated if there is an issue. Keep up with the good work Danny!”,
“In spite of being a new member of our team, Danny has demonstrated his enthusiasm and dedication to work. He is a very reliable staff member who is willing to go the extra mile when given a task.
I will highly recommend Danny to pick shifts during peak hours at the help desk which can be a great opportunity for him to learn and demonstrate his troubleshooting skills.
Other than that, keep up with the excellent work, Danny!”
“Danny came into the year halfway through in order to cover our night shifts, but has made a consistent effort to learn and improve by himself.
I do not have any shifts with him unfortunately, but look forward to working with him in the new year.”,