How do developers connect?

Dev Connector

An application intended to form a community where developers can link together.

Redesigning an existing WordPress website

Royal House

Redesign and existing Wordpress site have a more user friendly ui and use latest plugins while avoiding excessive dependence on plugins.

How can I efficiently create multiple MERN applications?

MERN Skeleton

Observing multiple implementations of other MERN boilerplate projects and creating my own that can reflect best practices while being simple to use and understand. Created to improve the efficiency and speed with which I produce my own MERN applications.

How can I effectively present my projects and other content?


Created as a platform to connect the world to my brand, my projects, my passions with a website that is easy to navigate.

My soulmate would love the Little Mermaid as much as I do?


Dating app that matches users based on their movie/tv viewing preferences.Planning to use React on the frontEnd, ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core on the backend.

How can I conveniently schedule outdoor tours?


MERN Stack application for scheduling outdoor tours.

How simplify my real estate search?


MERN Stack application for viewing real estate properties and providing access to top real estate agents.

How can I make trip planning less of a hassle?


MERN Stack application for scheduling travel trips

How can we redesign our University website to better serve our students?

Arlen University

Static website focusing on a ux and design of a university website that is catered towards the needs and desires of students. Easy to navigate and providing extraordinary user experience.